Choosing The Right Wood Fence For Your Home

When you look at the different types of fencing you will quickly see that wood fencing is one of the most popular types of material used in fence construction and there are a few main reasons for this.

The remainder of this comprehensive Fence Guides article will cover the advantages of wood fencing in general as well as the most common types of wood used and the reasons for using it.

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Examining The Types Of Wooden Fence

Wooden fences are available in a few main types, these are covered in more detail within the types section of our Fence Guides website. In general though, the most common types of fencing usually seen in wood include:

  • The Split Rail Fence – Often provides a more traditional look to home, but it provides little to no privacy on it’s own
  • The Privacy Fence – As the name suggests these offer the most amount of privacy from most wood fence types, however it’s strongly advised you speak with an AFA contractor on any state height restrictions before having a privacy fence installed
  • The Wood Dip Fence – The wood dip fence is meant to add a more aesthetically pleasing twist to the standard board fence by adding a curve to the top of the fence
  • The Picket Fence – The picket fence, like the split rail fence offers a more traditional look for your home, but just like the split rail it offers little or no privacy on it’s own
  • The Board Fence – A board fence offers the most in the way of privacy, they are often high and imposing, great to keep prying eyes out but not the best aesthetically

Free Fence Estimates from Local Fence Pros in Your Area

Free Fence Estimates from Local Fence Pros in Your Area

Each of these types serve their own purpose, which you choose will be dependent upon your budget and any specific requirements you have. It’s always worth getting a set of free estimates from local AFA contractors, rather than relying on your own research.

Main Advantages Of A Wooden Made Fence

Wood is certainly one of the most popular fencing options for new construction and replacement projects, since wood provides both an attractive and practical way to create a boundary around your property. Several major advances in fence construction have meant that wooden fences now last a lot longer than they used to, they are less susceptible to rotting & warping and are extremely durable due to the fact that steel posts are often used in place of traditional wood.

Perhaps one of the biggest positives of using wood in fence construction though is that the overall look of the fence can be altered with a simple coat of paint or stain.

In short, the main advantages of a wooden fence include:

  • A relatively low cost in comparison to other materials
  • Can be customized and painted to match individuality needs and properties
  • Is easy to repair and maintain over time
  • Can provide the maximum amount of privacy
  • Environmentally friendly in comparison to most fence materials

Main Disadvantages Of A Wooden Made Fence

Whilst wood fences are probably the most popular, they still have their own disadvantages associated with them, these include just some of the following:

  • Lifespan of a wooden fence is usually limited to a maximum of 15 years before it needs replacing
  • Ongoing maintenance is required to maintain the upkeep and integrity of your fence
  • Wood is vulnerable to rot and insect damage
  • Warranties are often shortened or non-existant with a wood fence

Kinds Of Wood Used In Wooden Fence Construction

At present the following kinds of wood are most commonly used in the construction of a wooden fence:

  • Redwood
  • Cedar Wood, including the northern and western varieties
  • White wood, including pine, fir and spruce

Redwood is a naturally beautiful wood which makes a great fence. This type of wood lasts well over time due to the fact that it will undergo minimal warping and cracking, making it a great choice for the long term.

Cedar is commonly known as one of the worlds most durable woods, being insect resistant and good in al weather conditions makes it a good long lasting choice for fencing. One major benefit of cedar over other woods is that it exceeds the majority of safety specifications set out in the U.S, meaning it’s often used in fire prone areas.

White woods such as pine, fir and spruce are especially popular options in fence construction due to their overall aesthetically pleasing appearance. All three types of wood are durable and last well in all weather conditions. However, our comparison of pine vs cedar wood covers the main differences between the two.

Working Out The Cost Of Your Wooden Fence

Calculating the overall cost of your wooden fence can be a challenge without knowing the specific size of the area you want it installed, the area of the U.S you live within and any personalized work you want such as lattice work or post caps. For that reason we recommend you take a few seconds to visit our Fence cost comparison page or fill out our form and get 3-5 free estimates from a local contractor who will be able to help you determine the overall cost of your fencing project.


Free Fence Estimates from Local Fence Pros in Your Area

Free Fence Estimates from Local Fence Pros in Your Area

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  1. Reading this article has really helped me to understand what the main advantages are of having a wooden fence. I really like how you said that “Wood is certainly one of the most popular fencing options for new construction and replacement projects, since wood provides both an attractive and practical way to create a boundary around your property.” My family and I need to replace our fence so it is good to learn how adding a wood fence add an attractive look to our front lawn and creates a boundary and barrier as well.

  2. I am mainly concerned with privacy. I think a vinyl fence would be good for this but because my property is quite large, I might go with a wood fence instead. Thank you for discussing all the advantages of the different wood fencing materials. I think redwood would be great!

  3. Thanks for sharing some tips for choosing the right wooden fencing. I didn’t realize that there are so many different styles of fences. I really like the wooden board fence and how the top is completely level. Since cedar is one of the more durable kinds of woods, I think I will look into getting a cedar wood fence in my yard.

  4. I’ve always dreamed of owning a home with a white picket fence. Like you said, it’s really neat that the overall look of a wooden fence can be altered with a simple coat of paint or stain. I’m not trying to hide anything, but just want to keep my dogs inside the yard, so a picket fence would be perfect.

  5. My husband and I are wanting to put in a wood fence just to add some privacy to our yard. I’ve been wondering what the perks of a fence were besides privacy; I am glad that you mentioned wood fences being easy to maintain and repair. Having something that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance is something that I would like. Hopefully we can find a good service that can make the repairs when we put in our fence.

  6. l like how you said that redwood is not only a beautiful wood but also a type that lasts well and does not commonly warps and cracks. I think that’s enough of a reason why we should choose that for our new backyard fence. Having a pretty fence will definitely cheer mom up when she comes over to visit. Thanks for that. I’ll consult a contractor as soon as possible.

  7. Thanks for sharing your article about choosing the right wood fence. I like that you talked about how your fence can look attractive with wood fencing. I also agree that wood is one of the most practical ways to create a boundary around your property. My husband is researching different fencing ideas on the internet, and we’re both amazed how wood fencing can really look attractive. We’re looking into installing a wood fence in our lawn, but we want to make sure to stay within our budget. Since we’re both interested in wood fencing, I can tell that we will surely consider the wood fence.

  8. We are very excited to be redoing the fence in our backyard! I appreciate your advice here that wooden fences really only last for about 15 years. I knew that vinyl fences could last longer, but I had no idea that it was such a difference!

    • Yes Moira, there’s a big difference and it’s something people need to consider when replacing their fence as fence replacement can be costly. So, having to replace less often can only be a good thing.

  9. Thanks for the tips on how wood fencing can provide both an attractive and practical way to create a boundary around your property. We’re thinking of installing fencing for our home, and I think wood fencing is a great choice because they’re affordable and is easy to repair and maintain. It’s also good to know that wood fencing are environmentally friendly in comparison to most fence materials. Thanks for the advice!

  10. Thanks for bringing to my attention that sometimes there are state restrictions about fences. My husband and I want to get a privacy fence. We’ll make sure to check regulations first to make sure we’re not breaking any rules.

  11. You got my attention when you said that cedar wood is one of the most durable woods because it is insect resistant and can withstand weather conditions. This is something that I will make sure to remember because I’m planning to install fences in our yard. I want to make sure that the type of wood fencing that I will choose has the capability to last for a long time so we won’t have to consider keep on spending money for its replacements and repairs.

    • Thanks Ellen. You’re right, we’re all looking for that fence that’s going to last, no one wants to have to replace their fence too soon as it can be costly. We’re glad to help.

  12. My wife and I need to build a new fence for our dogs soon, so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about how cedar wood is long lasting. We might ask to have the fence be built out of this so it lasts longer.

  13. Thank you for sharing this tips of different types of the wood fence we could choose from. I personally like the redwood fence, I think it’s unique and not everyone uses it. I also like the fact that it lasts well over time due to the fact that it will undergo minimal warping and crack.

  14. Wooden fences are quite common for a lot of homes, but you have to look at the pros and cons before choosing to add one to your property. As the article points out, one of the bigger benefits is the fact that you can easily customize a wooden fence. After all, a little bit of paint can make your wooden fence match the rest of your home very easily.

  15. My family moved into a home with no fence, and we want to install one soon for privacy reasons. Your article had great tips for choosing a fence material, and I liked how you said to consider redwood as it looks beautiful and last a long time. We want a fence that will undergo minimal warping and cracking, so we’ll keep redwood in mind when designing and building our fence.

  16. It was helpful that you mentioned that a wooden fence is cheaper than most materials. My wife and I want to get a fence around our pool. I will be sure to let her know that we could get a wooden fence because of the prices.

  17. I thought that it was helpful when you suggested to consider the lifespan of a fence when you are choosing one. We have been talking about finding a fence to put in around our pool, and it would be important for us to find one that will be good. When we look for one, I will be sure to consider its lifespan.

  18. I find myself thankful that your article mentions that a wooden fence is easy to repair and maintain over time compared to its alternatives. I’ll be sure to send your article to my older cousin! He’s interested in building a house for his family but he’s unsure of what material to opt for with the fencing.

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