Deer Fence Cost Comparison Guide

This deer fence guide will assist you in comparing materials useful for protecting your garden, blooms and shrubs from hungry deer. If you’d like to see what the cost would be for a fence that is both practical and a pleasure to look at, compare the prices and see the full deer fence cost breakdown as well as style details with those outlined in our many other fence guides.

Deer Fence Cost for a 164 Linear Foot Project
Low Cost$379
Medium Cost$500
High Cost$950
Average Cost$600

Free Cost Quotes & Advice from Local Fence Pros in Your Area

Free Cost Quotes & Advice from Local Fence Pros in Your Area

Compare Other Fence Costs

Deer fence is a good choice for those who want a practical, cost-effective barrier without regard for good looks. If you’d prefer an aesthetically appealing fence that will also keep deer out, take a look at our guides to privacy fence, shadowbox fence, aluminum fence, chain link fence, wrought iron fence and other styles.

Your two primary deer fence options are polypropylene plastic and metal fence. There are pros and cons of each. Plastic won’t rust like metal, but it can be chewed through, and long-term exposure to sun will weaken it. Metal deer fence won’t maintain its good looks for long, but it will keep out deer for many decades.

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How Much Does a Deer Fence Cost?

Deer fencing price ranges from affordable to moderate. There’s nothing expensive in this category. Here’s a look at the two primary materials and the price per linear foot for each.

  • Metal deer fence: $1.30-$3.10
  • Plastic deer fence: $0.85-$3.35

As you can see, there is a spectrum of quality based on the gauge of the steel wire or the thickness of the plastic. If you’ve got aggressive deer where you live, then tall metal deer fence is the best defense.

This table gives you total project costs for the material and installation. DIY installation is most common because it is fairly easy and looks aren’t the primary concern. The costs are based on 164 linear feet of fencing, the figure we use in all our fence guides to simplify comparing costs.

Table 1: This table gives you details for a typical deer fence of 164 linear feet.

Fence TypeCost Of MaterialsInstallation CostTotal Project CostCost Per Linear Foot
Metal Deer Fence$2.30-$5.00 $215-$508$164-$315 $379-$823
Plastic Deer Fence$1.85-$5.25$140-$550$164-$315$304-$865

Free Cost Quotes & Advice from Local Fence Pros in Your Area

Considerations for Installation

Most deer fence is attached to metal posts, the type used for snow fence, construction barrier and for miscellaneous purposes. The use of 4”x4” pressure treated or cedar posts provide a more permanent installation and improve the look of the fencing.

Homeowners concerned for the well being of deer often attach light-colored streamers or plastic containers to their fence to allow the animals to see the barrier. Another option is to spray the fencing on a weekly basis with an aromatic, formula that is safe yet offensive to deer. Sprays that are safe for deer and for your family are available online and at outdoor stores where you live.

Deer Fence Style, Detail and Usage

The types of deer fence discussed in this guide will help to prevent deer from getting into your yard and garden. There are 3 examples of what deer fence styles you can consider shown in the above images. Deer fencing can also be used to keep cattle, horses and other barn animals safely enclosed. The shortest deer fence is about 3’ while the tallest material is 10’ high. Most deer fencing is sold in rolls from 50’ to 300’ in length.

Deer fence is an affordable fence material for designating property boundaries and giving children and pets room to roam safely within your property lines.

If you want to add style to your deer fencing, then consider using pressure-treated or cedar posts to attach it to, and top the posts with decorative caps.

Deer Fence Frequently Asked Questions

The height of a deer fence should be enough to prevent the deer from jumping over it. Most deer are able to jump up to 8ft, so aim to have a deer fence which is around 9ft and this should prevent deer from jumping over it.

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