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On this page of the Fence Guides website we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of this type of fencing so that you can gain more information and evaluate it for your own purposes. We include the installed and supplied aluminum fence cost, installation considerations, maintenance and upkeep information.

Aluminum fences are designed to look like wrought iron, but aluminum has the advantages of being lighter in weight, slightly less expensive and requiring less maintenance. This newer type of fencing is available in an impressive range of designs, styles and sizes.

We include aluminum fence prices in order to give you all the details you need for your decision.

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Aluminum Fence Cost for Support & Installation

The aluminum fence price varies quite a bit due to the broad spectrum of heights and designs. The least expensive fencing costs about $22 per linear foot installed while the most expensive aluminum fence costs approximately $32 per linear foot. These prices are just a few dollars less than wrought iron.

Heights start at 3’, with common sizes including 4’, 4.5’, 5’, 6’ and 8’. It typically comes in 6’ lengths fully assembled and ready to install.

While expensive, for the right home, commercial or institutional setting, it might prove to be a cost-effective choice over time. Aluminum fencing is a fantastic long-term fencing option, typically carrying a lifetime warranty.

Because of the high-end appearance and cost, automatic gates are often included in the design. They can be used for walkways or for driveway access to the property.

Free Cost Quotes & Advice from Local Fence Pros in Your Area

Free Cost Quotes & Advice from Local Fence Pros in Your Area

Considerations for Installation

While more lightweight than iron, aluminum offers some of the same challenges during installation. It is often anchored in concrete or some type of masonry work. It is best installed in fresh concrete, but in some cases it can be fitted to existing masonry. It is one of the more difficult types of fencing to install for the DIY property owner, but not impossible. If you’ve got experience handling concrete, setting posts to uniform height and distance – in a very straight line – installing it yourself might be something to consider.

The average cost for the installation of an aluminum fence project is 20% of the total estimate for the job. For that 20%, most property owners choose to have a fencing contractor install their fence. You’ll find the best rates and the contractor with the greatest experience when you get at least 3 estimates to have the work completed. You’ll also have the assurance that the job is done professionally, with a warranty in place to protect your investment.

Aluminum Fencing Style, Usage & Detail

One of the advantages of aluminum over iron is that it is offered in a wider range of finishes. Choose aluminum fencing in black, white, bronze or green from most manufacturers. There are more than 20 different styles from which to choose, from straight bars and rails to finely-ornamented work. Decorative caps and other accessories are available to make your aluminum fence unique.

Common Uses of this Fence Type

This is a high-grade, quality material for both residential and commercial installation. Its ornamental appeal is a favorite in educational settings and gated communities too. It enhances the stature and appearance of any property while raising its value. For classic good looks, many property owners believe it to be the equal of wrought iron –with more finish options and less maintenance.

Not just attractive, a quality aluminum fence also provides good security and supplies clear delineation of property boundaries wherever it is used. The taller the fence is, the better the security will be. The use of automatic gates will also enhance security on any type of property.

Maintenance & Upkeep Of Aluminum Fences

As noted, this type of fencing is virtually maintenance-free. The manufacturers usually recommend a thorough cleaning once a year. In time, but not less than 15-20 years, additional maintenance might come to include brick or concrete work if it is anchored in those materials or the tightening of fasteners in the mounts. For long-term appearance and durability, aluminum fencing is unsurpassed.

Frequently Asked Questions for Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fence cost varies due to the size, lengths and height variations. However, the average cost of an aluminum fence is around $22.00 per linear foot, installed.

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