Comparing Fence Cost & Prices for Home Residential Fence Installation & Repair

If you’re looking at undertaking a fence installation or replacement project but don’t really know where to start, then the Fence Guides website has been created to provide you with all of the necessary information required for your fence replacement or installation project.

The Fence Guides website has been created by a group of contractors & tradesmen, experienced in completing a range of home improvement & landscaping projects. Their combined experience in the industry means they have the knowledge to provide you with all the answers to the many questions you may have around the main types of fence available, the cost of supply & installation, the upkeep and maintenance and the aesthetics of each particular type of fence.

With the above being said, welcome along to the “Fence Guides” website, your comprehensive resource for helping you to understand the types, costs, maintenance and aesthetics for all the different types of home fencing you’re likely to come across. Select a fencing type from the list below to find out which best suits your needs in terms of style, cost and ease of maintenance.

Fence Prices & Installation Costs by Fence Type

Looking for a cost breakdown for your new fence project? Look no further than here, our residential fence cost comparisons offer a breakdown of costs for your fence replacement project. See the list below or click this link for all our fence price comparison. Alternatively, if you’re looking for information about repair, check out our fence repair costs page for a comprehensive breakdown of fence repair prices and costs for gates, posts and more, or simply click on one of the fence types or fence materials below for more information and a comprehensive breakdown of costs and cost factors.

Fence TypeTotal CostCost (Per Linear Ft)
Board Fence$2470 – $3432$17 – $22
Board On Board Fence$2217 – $3349$16 – $22
Chain Link Fence$1616 – $2583$12 – $17
Wire Fence$218 – $934$1.50 – $7
Invisible Fence
$570 – $949$4 – $6
Post & Rail Fence$1350 – $3150$6 – $16
Pool Fence$1480 – $2450$12 – $16
Privacy Fence$1636 – $2937$13 – $19
Panel Fence$1492 – $2129$11 – $13
Split Rail Fence$1634 – $2681$12 – $17
Shadow box Fence$629 – $2590$12 – $16
Horse Fence$1917-$2798$11 – $17
Deer Fence$164-$315$1.30 – $3.35
Lattice Trellis Fence$1200 – $2500$3 – $30

Fence Prices & Installation Costs by Fence Materials

The following table provides a comprehensive overview for total costs and costs per linear foot for fencing by material types. For a more comprehensive overview and breakdown of costs including installation costs and factors affecting cost click on one of the links below.

Fence Material Total CostCost (Per Linear Ft)
Composite Fence$3895-$6068$23-$37
Aluminum Fence$3820 – $4510$24 – $32
Glass Fence$1890 – $25,000$88 – $150
Wood Picket Fence$1490 – $2166$10 – $14
Wrought Iron Fence$3256 – $5156$24 – $33
Wire Fence$218 – $934$1.50 – $7
Metal Fence$3235 – $5130$24 – $32
Vinyl Fence$762 – $3417$19 – $22
Wood Fence$678 – $5412$4 – $33
Bamboo Fence$1245 – $1541$6 – $12

Fence Repair Prices & Costs

The table below shows an overview repair prices and costs. However, for a more detailed discussion of costs associated with fence repair and cost factors, visit our page on fence repair costs and prices.

Fence Material / TypeMaterial Cost per Linear Foot
Glass$60 to $100+
Composite$20.00 to $32.50
Aluminum, Steel, Iron$18.25 to $25.75
Vinyl$13.25 to $17.00
Wood Panel$7.00 to $22.75
Stick-built Wood$6.85 to $12.25
Wood Picket$5.75 to $8.50
Bamboo$3.15 to $5.75
Chain Link$1.50 to $10.25
WireLess than $1.00 to $3.50