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Composite Fence Cost Comparison

This fence guide provides the details you need to make an informed decision about composite for your project, including comprehensive composite fence cost comparisons of low, mid and high end prices, as well as prices and costs compared from the web. Our library of fence guides covers all the most popular materials, so comparing composite fence cost, styles, maintenance and care can be done right here.

Composite Fence Cost for a 164 Linear Foot Project
Low Cost $1804-$4256
Medium Cost $3895-$6068
High Cost $5360-$7464
Average Cost $2400 – $5000
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composite fenceThere is a lot to like about composite fencing. It never needs to be painted, is very durable, available in a nice range of colors and is easy to maintain. Composite provides a wood appearance without the hassles wood fencing brings to your back yard. The material is used to enclose entire back yards, gardens, children or pet areas, decks, patios and pools.

While there are cheaper fence materials available when the initial cost is considered, a composite fence has excellent value when considered over its 25-40 year lifespan. You’ll save on painting or staining costs, and the fence won’t have to be replaced as quickly as a standard wood fence would need to be.

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How Much Does Composite Fence Cost?

Composite fencing is fairly expensive compared to cedar, chain link and even bamboo. The trade-offs are minimal maintenance and excellent wear.

The cost of the composite fence is determined by the quality of the composite material, the height of the fence panels or planks and the type of fence. Picket fencing, with less material than privacy fencing or shadowbox fencing, costs less per linear foot.

Here are prices for composite fencing in linear feet:

  • Composite picket fencing: $9-$22
  • Composite privacy fencing: $20-$32
  • Composite premium fencing: $28-$45

When you receive fence estimates, they should be broken down into materials and installation costs, so you’ll see where your money is going and you’ll understand how much you could save by installing the fence yourself.

Here is the package price for 164 linear feet of fencing:

Table 1: This table gives you details for a typical Composite fence of 164 linear feet.

Fence Type Cost Of Materials Installation Cost Total Project Cost Cost Per Linear Foot
Standard Composite Fence $1476-$3608 $328-$648 $1804-$4256 $11.00-$26.00
Mid-Range Composite Fence $3280-$5248   $615-$820 $3895-$6068    $23.75-$37.00
Top-Quality Composite Fence $4592-$7380 $768-$984 $5360-$7464 $32.70-$45.50

Table 2: A Price Comparison of Composite Fence Costs from Around the Web

Company Cost Per Linear Foot Total Project Cost
Remodeling Expense $27 – $48 $4428 – $7872
Fence Guides $23 – $37 $3772 – $6068
Home Advisor $25 – $45 $4100 – $7380
Home Guide $22 – $33 $3608 – $5412
Note: Our pricing data are carefully calculated from industry averages as well as submissions from our own readers. This allows us to provide you with the best idea of the likely cost for your fence project. The above data is costed on an average of 164 linear foot. If you have a price we’re missing from our price comparison then please submit it on our price submission page for display above. 
Get Composite Fence Prices & Installation from Local Pro’s

Factors Which Affect the Cost of a Composite Fence

With any fencing project their are going to be variables which affect the fence price and costs you are quoted by contractors, and composite fence is no different. Because composite fence come in fixed panels which cannot be adjusted, unlike wood fences which can be cut, the main things affecting the cost include:

  • The Type of Fence – Composite fencing comes in various types of fencing, including split rail, board style panels and post and rail. Out of these the most expensive is the board style fencing due to their size and amount of material used to construct them. They are usually between $200 – $250 per panel, with an average installation cost of $25 – $30 per linear foot.
  • Brand of Composite Fence – There are a small number of brands making composite fence products, these include Trex, Fiberon, Timber Tech, Simtek. Trex are one of the most well known but also one of the most expensive.
  • Length of Fence Required – The larger the perimeter, the more fence material you’re going to need and therefore the cost will increase.
  • Height of the Fence – Boards and split rail fence heights are usually 3, 4, 6 and 7f.t. in height and will increase with height of the fence.
  • Ornate Features – Some composite fence boards come with ornate decorative features such as cut patterns in the top, these panels will cost more.

Considerations for Installation

Your fence can be entirely composite, meaning the posts are composite with wood or steel inserts for strength, or you can use a pressure-treated frame to which composite planks are attached. The total-composite fence is more common, but using a pressure-treated frame is a money-saving option. Composite decks, for example, are under girded with a pressure-treated base.

DIY installation is quite possible if you’ve got experience installing fence. Most composite fence manufacturers provide installation instructions that are easy to follow. The Home Depot has a set of instructions too that give you a tools and supplies list along with a step-by-step guide. You’ll save the $3-$6 per linear foot cost of installation by doing it yourself.

Composite Fence Style, Details and Usage

Composite fencing comes in many styles and heights from 3’ to 8’ in most lines.

To create a private space, use composite plank or shadowbox fencing in heights from 6’ to 8’. Some plank fencing has a section of 12” to 24” lattice on top. Composite fencing is also available in a fieldstone design that is among the costliest composite fence products but is very stylish.

The top lines of composite fence include accessory options such as your choice of slat design, top rail style, gates, post caps and wood-textured or smooth surfaces. Most are available in several colors offering the look of natural, stained or painted wood.

Browse manufacturers’ and retailers’ sites to see the range of styles available.

Common Uses of this Fence Type

Picket fence adds a decorative touch and is tall enough to enclose small dogs or a toddlers’ play area. Ranch rail fencing can be used for cattle, but is also chosen simply to give the landscape a rustic ambience.

Plank and shadowbox fence is ideal for enclosing an area as small as a patio or as large as a big back yard. It offers privacy and keeps pets and children in a safe area.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Composite Fences

The top reason for choosing composite over wood is that it requires very little maintenance while wood is quite demanding in terms of labor and cost over the lifespan of the fence.

Each manufacturer provides direction for how to best care for its products. Most often, occasional washing with mild detergent, a soft cloth and garden hose is all that is required.

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