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Trex Fencing Cost & Prices Per Foot Compared

Average Trex fencing cost is $22.00 to $38.00 per linear foot plus about $1,400 for a gate, depending on fence height and style.

Both Trex Seclusions fencing cost and the cost of the Horizons line are slightly higher than average for all composite fence cost. You might want to compare Trex fence cost to prices in our more general Composite Fence Cost Guide.

Below, you’ll find information about Trex fencing lines, features, gate costs and more.

Trex Fence Cost for a 164 Linear Foot Project
Low Cost$2,900-$5,700
Medium Cost$5,300-$7,800
High Cost$7,200 – $11,000
Average Cost$4,800 – $7,500

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The wide range of Trex fence cost is based on fencing from 3 feet to 12 feet high. $4,000 to $6,000 is a good average cost range for 6-foot high fencing.

An Overview of Trex Fencingtrex fencing

It’s no surprise that Trex should manufacture composite fencing. Trex is the world’s largest manufacturers of composite decking. It is also one of the few producers of fully composite fencing. Trex fencing was introduced in 2005 as an alternative to wood or vinyl fences.

Trex fencing is available in two unique styles, Seclusions, featuring vertical planks, and Horizons, featuring horizontal planks. Both collections are available in multiple heights ranging anywhere from 2 feet to 12 feet. This gives you a huge range of options offering you to customize your Trex fencing by style, height and color.

Our comprehensive Trex fencing cost and options guide will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

How Much Does Trex Fencing Cost?

The Seclusions line is more affordable than the Horizons line by about 15%. Here’s a closer look at Trex fencing cost for each line plus Trex fence gates.

Trex Seclusions Fencing Cost, Style and Features

Average Seclusions cost is about $31.00 per linear foot, but price varies widely based on height and installation factors. Full costs are explained below.

Trex Seclusions Fence Cost for a 164 Linear Foot Project
3′ Fencing$2,921-$5,097
6′ Fencing$3,700-$6,675
9′ Fencing$4,674-$8,070
12′ Fencing$5,453-$9,405

Trex Seclusions provides the more traditional appearance of vertical fence pickets and matching 5” by 5” fence posts. The posts are made from composite-sleeved aluminum. They are also considered stand-alone, meaning they don’t require any internal stabilization. Posts are four times as thick as traditional PVC posts. Seclusions fencing’s unique bracketed installation system allows it to follow any grade, even steep slopes without any gaps between the fence and the ground. It also features a superior wind rating for being able to handle wind up to 130 mph (up to 6’ tall).

Trex Horizons Fencing Cost, Style and Features

Ave Trex fencing cost in this line is closer to $40.00 per linear foot plus the cost of any gate you might choose.

Trex Horizons Fence Cost for a 164 Linear Foot Project
3′ Fencing$4,020-$6,270
6′ Fencing$5,092-$8,210
9′ Fencing$6,432-$9,927
12′ Fencing$7,504-$11,569

Trex Horizons is designed with horizontal planks for a stylish contemporary look. Horizons features a black galvanized steel framing system. Matching composite fence posts (as described above) can be used or 2.5” black steel posts are available for a sleek appearance.

Building Trex Fencing Parts and Accessories Costs

We recommend buying Trex fencing in kits. However, if you enjoy assembling hundreds and hundreds of individual parts, then here are cost ranges for Trex fence parts.

Cost of Additional Trex Fence Items
Pickets$2-$3/linear foot
Fence Post$11-$15/each
Post Caps$7-$14/each
Top Rail$45-$48/each
Bottom Rail$46-$49/each
Brackets$2-$6 each

Trex Composite Fence Gates Cost

Typically, gates are the priciest part of any gate, regardless of the material. You’ll see that with this brand if you get a Trex fence cost estimate from a fencing installer or your local home improvement store.

Seclusions Gate Kits
6 feetStandard$668-$773
8 feetStandard$1,227-$1,403
6 feetLarge$773-$895
8 feetLarge$1,359-$1,553
6 feetStandard Double$1,315-$1,524
8 feetStandard Double$2,432-$2,779
6 feetLarge Double$1,525-$1,767
8 feetLarge Double$2,693-$3,078

As with standard Trex fence cost, the cost of Horizons gates are higher than Seclusion gate costs.

Horizons Gate Kits
6 feetStandard$785-$910
8 feetStandard$1,418-$1,621
6 feetLarge$917-$1,063
8 feetLarge$1,582-$1,808
6 feetStandard Double$1,551-$1,796
8 feetStandard Double$2,814-$3,216
6 feetLarge Double$1,814-$2,010
8 feetLarge Double$3,141-$3,590

Factors Affecting the Cost of Trex Fencing

Like any fencing project there are going to be numerous factors likely to affect the cost, Trex fencing is no different in that respect. The cost of Trex fencing is mainly affected by the following cost factors:

  • Type of Trex Fence – There are two main types of Trex fence, the Seclusions and the Horizons range. Seclusions Trex fencing costs around $31.00 per linear foot, whereas the Horizons Trex fencing costs around $40.00 per linear foot. So, which you choose can add a whopping $8.00 per linear foot to the overall cost, without taking into account any extras
  • Fence Height – Trex comes in a variety of heights including 3, 6, 9 and 12 ft. fencing. At the low end, Trex Seclusions costs $17.00 per linear foot for a 3 ft. fence, and around $33.00 per linear foot for a 12 ft. fence. Trex Horizons fencing costs $24.00 per linear foot for a 3 ft. fence and $45.00 per linear foot for a 12 ft. fence. However, note that these prices are low-end and can go up significantly more
  • Single Gates – A single gate can add between $910 – $1600, depending on which height you choose. Double Trex gates can cost between $900 and $3500 per gate, again depending on the overall height and width selected.

Design, Styles & Usage

The Seclusions and Horizons lines come in three colors, Saddle, Woodland Brown, and Winchester Grey, sure to complement any outdoor décor. All fencing components feature pigments throughout the products to reduce fading and eliminate the need for painting.  Plus, if the surface is scratched, the underlying composite is the same color, so scratches are far less visible.

Trex fencing is designed with interlocking pickets, which eliminate warping and offer full privacy and security. They also have the same beautiful appearance from either side of the fence. In other words, your neighbors will love your new fence!

Each collection also includes coordinating fence posts, post caps, top and bottom rails, and gate options. All Trex fencing is made from a proprietary blend of 95% recycled wood fiber and recycled plastic. This gives composite fencing the beauty of real wood and the durability of PVC. The fencing won’t rot, splinter, or warp and never needs to be painted or stained. It also resists insect damage, including termites.

Buying Options

Overall, composite fencing has a higher upfront cost than tradition chain link, wood, or vinyl fences. However, after a few years with no maintenance or picket replacement costs, composite fencing can be a more cost-effective investment.

The most convenient way to purchase Trex fencing is with their fence panel kits. Each kit includes pickets, top and bottom rails, brackets, and screws for a 91” (approximately 7.5) section of fencing in the desired height. Both Seclusions and Horizons products are available in heights from 2’ up to 12’. Fence posts and caps are sold separately. Gate panel kits and individual gate components are also available.

For more custom applications, all fencing components can be purchased separately. Trex also offers post adapters so that fencing can be installed on concrete.

Trex fencing is available at select authorized distributors nationwide. You’ll find a selection at chain home improvement stores like The Home Depot and Lowe’s stores, though the selection of options, sizes and accessories might be limited. Most retailers can order anything you want too.

Considerations for Trex Fence Installation

For someone with previous DIY fencing experience, Trex fencing can be relatively easy to install. Trex’s website provides full installation instructions here. No special tools are required, only what would be used for a standard wood fence. Installing the fence yourself can save upwards $5-$8 per linear foot.

However, professional installation is always a good option. Make sure to get several estimates before choosing a contractor. Consider the installer’s overall reputation rather than simply the lowest price. Also, look over the estimate to see exactly how costs are broken down for your project.

Maintenance and Warranty

Trex fencing is manufactured to be virtually maintenance free. On occasional wash with a garden hose, mild soap, and a soft bristle brush are generally all that is needed to keep your fence looking beautiful for years to come. Power/pressure washers are not recommended on Trex fencing.  It will never need any sanding, staining, or painting as wood fencing requires. Full care and cleaning instructions can be found here.

Trex offers a 25-year limited warranty on all of their fencing used in residential applications. The warranty covers material defects, splitting, rotting, splintering, and structural damage from termites or fungal decay. Commercial applications are covered under a 10-year limited warranty.

Eco Friendly Fencing

All Trex fencing is made from 95% recycled materials wood fiber and plastic, and they’ve been doing things that way for over 25 years. In fact, Trex is one of the largest plastic recyclers in the U.S., keeping over 400 million pounds of wood and plastic out of landfills every year, according to Trex.

And because Trex uses reclaimed sawdust in their composite fencing, they have never had to cut down any trees to make their products. The reclaimed plastic used comes from recycled plastic grocery bags, sandwich bags, and plastic film packaging. Trex also takes care to make sure their suppliers follow ethical business practices. Over 90% of Trex’s supply vendors are located in the U.S.

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