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Black Chain Link Fence Cost, Prices & Comparison

In this  Fence Guides article, we give you details you can use to evaluate this type of fencing for your purposes. We’ll help you learn about chain link fence cost, styles and options, the approximate cost of the material and installation, whether doing it yourself makes sense and the best uses for this type of fencing.Chain link fencing remains the most common type of fencing in use today. It comes in non-painted galvanized, vinyl-coated and powder-coated finishes over galvanized steel. It is produced in a range of heights and weights for both residential and commercial/industrial uses. There are several mesh sizes too.

The average chain link fence prices are between $2000 – $3000 per project, for a 164 linear foot job with installation included. However, optional extras such as privacy screening, vinyl coating and gates will cost extra.

Chain Link Fence Cost
Low Cost$1,476 – $2,296
Medium Cost$1,968 – $2,624
High Cost$2,952 – $4,100
Average Cost$2000 – $3000

Chain Link Fence Cost Quote

Chain Link Fence Comparison With Other Fence Types

A quality chain link fence in good condition, especially a painted one, can be attractive, not detracting from the appearance of a nicely-landscaped property. Chain link fencing is among the most affordable types of fencing and offers very good functionality.

Chain link fencing is versatile and affordable, making it the most popular type of fencing for residential and commercial use next to aluminum fences.

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How Much Does a Chain Link Fence Cost?

The cost of chain link fencing is among the lowest for any type of quality fencing. Residential costs less than commercial. For residential fencing, expect to pay $9-$16 per linear foot for materials and installation. The price varies based on the height and weight of the chain link you select. With the high durability of chain link fencing, you can expect it to last 30+ years with maintenance and painting when required. This represents a very good return on your investment.

Table 1: Comparison of Chain Link Fencing Costs Fencing.

Fence TypeCost Of Materials Installation CostTotal Project CostCost Per Linear Foot
4 f.t. Chain Link Fence$900 – $1,500$560 – $700$1,476 – $2,296$9 – $14
6 f.t. Chain Link Fence$1,200 – $1,500$790 – $1,200$1,968 – $2,624$12 – $16
8 f.t. Chain Link Fence$1,996 – $2,400$980 – $1,400$2,952 – $4,100$18 – $25

Table 2: A Cost Comparison of Chain Link Fence Costs from Around the Web

CompanyCost Per Linear FootTotal Project Cost
Fence Guides$12 – $16$1,968 – $2,624
How Much$14 – $15$2296 – $2,460
HomeAdvisor$8 – $34$1312 – $5,576
HomeWyse$18 – $29$2,952 – $4,756
Note: Our pricing data are carefully calculated from industry averages as well as submissions from our own readers. This allows us to provide you with the best idea of the likely cost for your fence project. The above data is costed on an average of 164 linear foot. If you have a price we’re missing from our price comparison then please submit it on our price submission page for display above. 

Chain Link Fence Cost Quote

Factors Affecting the Cost of Chain Link Fencing

Eventhough we’ve demonstrated that chain link fencing is a relatively cheap method of providing perimeter security there are still several cost factors which can affect the price you pay for your chain link fencing project. Some of the most common factors are discussed below:

  • Chain Link Fence Gates – Usually you will only require one or maybe two gates in the fencing. Again, the gates themselves are affected by their size and width but in general you will pay an additional $200+ per gate
  • Vinyl Privacy – Chainlink fencing doesn’t provide much in the way of privacy, although it’s a good type of fence for keeping your permiter secure on a budget. However, if you want to make it more private you can add areas of vinyl privacy screening, this will add around $6-$8 per linear foot to your project
  • Material Type – Standard chain link fences are shown above, however should you wish to make the fence last longer then the use of vinyl coated chain link fencing may be an option for you. However, note that the cost of the fence will increase by around 20%.

Considerations for Installation

The basic tools required include a posthole digger, cement mixer for setting the posts, and a variety of common hand tools for attaching the fencing, caps and gates to the posts with fasteners. The toughest part of the job is making the fence panels tight between the posts so that there is no sag or bulging. If you’ve got solid DIY skills, installing your own chain link fencing is likely something you can do.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that installation costs might be only 15% to 30% of the total cost of the fencing. It might make sense to get a few written estimates from competitive contractors to see how affordable professional installation is. You might find that paying a pro to do it is worth the time and hassle it will save you.

Chain Link Fencing Usage, Style & Details

Standard chain link fencing has a galvanized finish with no top-coat. Painted fencing is given a high-grade powder-coat finish that is very durable and should last 15+ years before a new coat is needed. Vinyl-coated chain link is also available and comes in a variety of colors. For residential use, fencing is available in heights from 3’ to 6’. Most mesh panels use 11 gauge wire with openings in the mesh from 2 1/4 inch to 2 3/8 inch mesh openings. Chain link gates for walkways or driveways can be easily integrated into the fencing.

For light commercial and industrial use, thicker 9 and 6 gauge wire is used, with heights up to 12 feet. Heavier top rails and posts are used as well. In some settings, barbed or concertina wire can be added to the top for additional security.

Common Uses for this Type of Fence

This versatile fencing is used in a wide range of applications. In residential areas, it often defines the property lines between backyards and surrounds children’s play areas. It keeps young children and household pets nearby while preventing neighborhood dogs from entering the area. It is often used around gardens to keep out animals that might eat the plants. Chain link fencing provides some security, and the taller the fencing is, the better. When privacy mesh is included in the chain link, it does afford basic privacy, especially when fencing 6’ and higher is used.

In commercial and industrial settings, chain link fencing is used to define boundaries and provide security. Taller panels are often used, and they may be topped with barbed wire or concertina wire where security is very important. Security gates are also included where needed.

Maintenance & Upkeep of a Chain Link Fence

For appearance, you will want to pressure-wash your chain link fencing once or twice per year. Use a low/medium setting on a power washer. Unpainted galvanized fencing should maintain its appearance for 15-20 years before staining begins to appear. You might want to cover it with a high-grade paint at that time. Powder-painted chain link fencing should maintain its appearance for at least 20 years before a new coat of paint will be required.

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