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Buying A Fence For Your Swimming Pool: Things You Need to Know

In this Fence Guide article we are going to examine the many different types of pool fence you’re likely to come across when searching for the perfect  fencing for your swimming pool.

The aim of swimming pool fences is to provide protection and safety for adults and children who may be at risk of drowning if they were to fall into the pool or have an accident near the pool. If anyone were to have an accident near the pool and the home-owner hadn’t took sufficient safety precautions in the form of a fence then they may be liable for the consequences. It’s for this reason that pool fences should be installed.

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The Main Types Of Pool Fence

There are a few types of pool fence which you can choose from, these include wood, wrought iron, aluminium, metal and mesh. These are designed to fit in well with the surrounding garden, stopping them from spoiling the natural look and feel of your surrounding landscape.

The first and probably least popular in terms of their overall cost are the wrought iron pool, aluminium and metal fences, this type of fence offers long lasting safety which far exceeds the longevity of wooden and mesh fences. This type of fence are often more expensive due to the work required to make them, however the fact that they can be customized to any design makes them a popular choice where aesthetics is extremely important.

Wooden pool fences are quite a popular choice for most home-owners, as they provide safety as well as looking aesthetically pleasing. One of the biggest benefits of wooden fences over other types, such as iron or aluminium, is that they can be pre-cut to fit the installation area according to your need. This makes them both cheaper and easier to purchase and install.

Mesh fences are a cheaper budget solution due to their lightweight and flexible construction, however this also means that they don’t offer the same level of safety you’d expect with a more permanent barrier such as the wooden fence. Having said that, their lightweight construction also gives rise to one of their most beneficial features which is the fact that they are removable, allowing you to have security and piece of mind whilst still having the flexibility to remove the fence and open up the surrounding area when desired.

Cost Comparisons For Pool Fences

Typically, 20% – 50% of the total cost of pool fence will be in labor, the remaining percentage is in materials and contingencies for more complex installation work.

Based in an installation of 150 linear foot the costs of the types of pool fence mentioned above are as follows:

  • Wrought Iron Pool Fence – Between $24 and $32 per linear foot
  • Wooden Pool Fence – Between $13 and $19 per linear foot
  • Mesh Pool Fence – Between $15 and $25 per linear foot (usually sold in 6′ – 10′ sections)

The above prices include the cost of the materials and installation.

Final Recommendations

Whatever type of pool fence you end up choosing, you need to make sure you get a fence which is around 4.5 – 5 feet in height, this will provide the most protection to people around the pool.

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