Glossary Of Residential Fencing Terms

The following terms are ones you will likely come across when you’re looking at hiring a fence contractor to complete your installation. You should make yourself aware of these terms before speaking with any contractor, this will ensure you avoid any pitfalls and cowboys.

AFA – The AFA is the American Fence Association, this is considered as the gold standard for the fence industry. Fence contractors register with the AFA and are then allowed to use the AFA’s logo on their own documentation. An AFA approved contractor is someone who is considered to have superior technical and installation experience in relation to fences, they also have to abide by the strictest standards of honesty and responsibility.

Aluminized – This usually refers to a Chain Link Fence, the chain link fabric has been coated in aluminum before it’s being woven.

BOCA – The BOCA refers to a set of requirements which have been developed and set out for the majority of states in relation to aluminum pool fencing safety.

CFP – A CFP is a Certified Fence Professional, this is one of the highest recognised titles in the industry and having this title means that the contractor has undergone rigorous testing and has consistently demonstrated commitment to quality within the fencing industry. Finding the CFP logo on the contractors business cards or letterheads is always a sure way of ensuring your getting someone who’s fully qualified to complete the job.

CAGOI – This qualification has similar meaning to the CFP, is stands for Certified Automated Gate Operator Installer. It essentially means that the person possessing the qualification has been thoroughly and rigorously tested & examined to ensure that they have the education and skills required to complete gate installation.

Galvanized – Refers to the zinc coating using to cover steel elements of a steel fence.