Comparing Prices & Costs for Home Residential Fences

If you’re looking at undertaking a fence installation or replacement project but don’t really know where to start, then the Fence Guides website has been created to provide you with all of the necessary information required for your fence replacement or installation project.

The Fence Guides website has been created by a group of contractors & tradesmen, experienced in completing a range of home improvement & landscaping projects. Their combined experience in the industry means they have the knowledge to provide you with all the answers to the many questions you may have around the main types of fence available, the cost of supply & installation, the upkeep and maintenance and the aesthetics of each particular type of fence.

With the above being said, welcome along to the “Fence Guides” website, your comprehensive resource for helping you to understand the types, costs, maintenance and aesthetics for all the different types of home fencing you’re likely to come across. Select a fencing type from the list below to find out which best suits your needs in terms of style, cost and ease of maintenance.

composite fenceComposite Fence Installation and Supply Prices

Composite fencing offers a great looking addition to your garden, whilst being easy to maintain and free from hassle. Composite fencing lasts for years and requires little input on your part …..
glass fenceGlass Fence Installation and Supply Prices

Fences constructed from glass panels are expensive. But if cost isn’t an issue, then you really can have the best of both worlds – the secure enclosure you desire with no visual barrier. …..

Shadowbox Fence Installation and Supply Prices

Shadowbox fences offers aesthetics that are more interesting than standard privacy fences though without providing quite the same level of seclusion from the world …..

Bamboo Fence Installation and Supply Prices

Bamboo’s exotic allure makes you feel like you’ve been transported to another place, somewhere warm, sunny and many miles away. Our cost guide for bamboo fence …..

fence-wrought-ironWrought Iron Fence Installation and Supply Prices

Producing that classic look for the home yard. It’s a durable and long lasting product which offers easy maintenance and flexibility in terms of style, cost and color …..

Picket Wood Fence Installation and Supply Prices

An increasingly popular type of fence the picket fence can be traditional, cost effective and maintenance free, very positive in today’s fast paced society …..

fence-vinylVinyl Fence Installation and Supply Prices

An attractive and affordable style of fencing which is available in a range of attractive and almost maintanence free designs. They’re available in large sizes to offer full privacy and protection for your home …..

Split Rail Fence Installation and Supply Prices

Giving that rustic and casual look to the property this type of home fencing can provide a real level of functionality at an affordable cost, popular today on ranches, farms and rural residential use …..

Post & Rail Fenc Installation and Supply Prices

Available in a range of styles and varieties, offering a simple look to a classic ornamental look with the addition of post caps and carved posts …..

fence-removable-poolSwimming Pool Fence Installation and Supply Prices

Giving you security and piece of mind when needed but allowing you the flexibility to remove the fencing when no longer needed in a matter of minutes …..

fence-chicken-wireWire Fence Installation and Supply Prices

Not the most attractive type or style of fence available on the market today it’s a type of fence which is really designed for it’s functionality, particularly popular with pet and poultry owners …..